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[NEW] Moody Urban Tone Preset Download Free | Lightroom Presets - Urban Editz

[NEW] Lightroom Moody Urban Tone Preset Download Free - Pranjal Editz

About Lightroom :-

Lightroom is a new & powerful editing software that is available publicly to use. There are various features provided by Lightroom that makes it more popular then any other editing software. Some of the most commonly used features.

  • Exposure, Contrast, and Highlights: Adjusting the overall brightness, contrast, and highlight details in your photos.
  • Shadows and Blacks: Controlling the dark areas in your images to add or reduce detail.
  • White Balance: Correcting the color temperature to make your photos look more natural.
  • Crop and Straighten: Trimming and aligning your images for better composition.
  • Clarity and Sharpening: Enhancing the details and sharpness of your photos.
  • Vibrance and Saturation: Boosting or reducing the intensity of colors in your images.

Presets and Profiles: Lightroom Mobile allows you to apply pre-defined presets or custom-made settings to quickly transform the look of your photos. Profiles also offer different color and tonal adjustments.

Healing and Adjustment Brushes: These tools enable you to make selective adjustments by painting over specific areas to apply edits like exposure, color, or sharpness locally.

Auto Settings: Lightroom Mobile's auto feature uses Adobe's AI to analyze your photo and automatically apply adjustments that should work well for most images.

RAW Editing: Lightroom Mobile supports RAW file editing, which gives you greater control over the image's details and allows for non-destructive editing.

Interactive Tutorials: For those new to photo editing, Lightroom Mobile offers interactive tutorials to guide you through the editing process and help you achieve specific looks or styles.

Watch Tutorial On My YouTube Channel:

If you want to watch tutorial video for Cinematic Tone Preset then you can visit my YouTube Channel. Where you find lot's of tutorial video. In the tutorial video we provide step by step guidance which makes easy to understand . Not only the Lightroom Presets, you also find many different types of photo editing videos such as: PicsArt Photo Editing and Snapseed Photo Editing etc. Plz Subscribe my YouTube Channel if you found it helpful and share my videos in social media. Now days it is very helpful to learn basic editing if you are in IT sector because in day to day life we need to use these editing skills.

Download Preset Here:

About Moody Urban Tone Preset:-

The term "moody urban tone" typically refers to a specific aesthetic or atmosphere associated with urban environments, characterized by a sense of moodiness, intensity, and often a hint of darkness or melancholy. This concept is commonly used in creative fields such as photography, videography. You must  have to download this urban tone preset if you want to give an urban grainy finish in your photos.

System Requirement:-

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later
  • Lightroom requires at least 1.5GB of RAM to run smoothly.
  • 1gb free space on device
  • Lightroom latest Version installed

How to Download/Use lightroom presets -

To download the Moody Urban Tone preset you simply need to download the preset from our website and then after you have to follow below steps :-

1. Visit the website or to download variety of premium presets.

2. Open the Lightroom App & Import the Moody Urban tone preset.

3. At last simply open the Moody Urban tone preset & apply it on your photo.

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